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This is the home of only the best floggers, ones you'll treasure for years to come. Each one is meant to bring you an exquisite experience.

Responsive You Say?

Yes! Your partner, whether in sensual, sexy play or an intense trip into the ultimate subspace, will respond with ecstasy that you chose the best!

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We aim to produce the best you could ever want in a flogger at reasonable prices for the quality you've come to expect from us.

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People have trusted us for delivering high quality floggers, cats and cuffs since 1998. You can too, if you give us the opportunity.

Who We Are:

We're experienced flogger makers!

We've been making luscious floggers since 1998. We use only the best materials and nicest hides to create floggers, cat-o-nines, cuffs and ball gags, suitable for every scene and every style of play. All well-made to last over years of use and enjoyment, with stylish good looks. We make floggers you can be proud to own and use, anytime, anywhere.

What We Do

We make beautiful Floggers

  • High quality hides
  • Braided kangaroo leather handles
  • Precision cut tails
  • Innovative construction methods
  • Built to last a lifetime

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  • "All I can say is 'Wow!'"

    Jack P., Chicago, IL.
  • "An amazing birthday gift!"

    Danielle M., Delaware
  • "I'll be back to buy some more!"

    Butch D., Santa Fe, NM