The Happy Tails Story

How It All Began...

Happy Tails has been on the Web since May, 1998. We combined our diverse skills and talents to make fine, high quality floggers that we believed everyone would love to own and use. Composed of just the two of us, we took great pride in our teamwork, excellent craftsmanship and workmanship. Since the very beginning we pioneered new methods and the new materials that made it possible to produce much better-built floggers and toys than had been done by anyone before. We sought out and put into use more types of high-quality hides.

In 2008 we relocated from rural, Northern California to a farmstead in NE Iowa. We had more room and space to work and live in, and the countryside was just as beautiful as the Coastal Mountains in California that we'd called home for so many years. The beautiful surroundings are reflected in our work. Our family had some medical problems at that time that we had to deal with, but Happy Tails was still our priority and we were able to take good care of our customers.

Why Our Floggers Are So Good.

We use the same proprietary construction methods and materials that revolutionized the world of high quality floggers almost 2 decades ago. We make every flogger to the highest standards for effortless use in the bedroom or the dungeon. We want our customers to be satisfied and proud to own them.

Respect And Understand The Cost of Better Leather

Cheap foreign leather also doesn't smell very good, and sometimes hides reek of stinky, who-knows-what chemicals used for tanning them. Cheaper leather also developes dry rot and disintigrates quickly. Please support the environment and avoid buying inferior Third World leather goods. Tanneries that operate without pollution regulations cause toxic water pollution and contamination, poisoning the water, people, and land around them. In some countries the animals are brutally treated, and we refuse to be involved in that horror in any way, shape or form. So all of our hides are sourced from countries that require animals to be humanely treated as possible, throught their lives. Please help protect the Earth, animals, and humankind!

We Don't Use Hides From Threatened Species!

We also don't believe in using any hides from threatened or endangered species, such sharks, rhinos, hippos or elephants. These hides may be bought legally, but the Third World countries they originate from often skew their paperwork and fake the permits to generate extra government income. That money usually goes to line the pockets of corrupt officials or dictators instead of benefiting the citizens who need it most.

Everyone knows that poaching is horric and only accelerates their road to extinction. It may seem cool to own a flogger made from these and other exotic species, but it only contributes to the destruction and ultimate extinction of them. Red and Western Gray angaroos aren't threatened species, and Australia does carefully follow all the required laws and regulations of the CITES internation treaty (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species, Appendix 2, covering exotic species) in managing their "troops" (herds) to maintain a healthy, wild population.

We only buy leather that meets all of these philosophical and environmental standards!