How much do they cost?

Prices for bison floggers start at $155 for 16 inch tails, and $185 for 20 inch tails in a regular size bundle of them. The smaller one is our least expensive bison flogger. It has 16 inch long tails in a smaller bundle of them, for a slappy feel without thud. Light enough for those with carpal tunnel syndrome to comfortably use.

Every flogger collection needs a bison flogger!

  • Pefect for use in between elk and bullhide, or after moose.
  • Softer edges than bullhide for less sting.
  • Beautiful grain pattern.
  • Smells great!
  • Thud with some sting.

American Bison (Buffalo)

We use only the most supple bison hides for our floggers!

Lighter than bullhide, yet much heavier than cow, bison (buffalo) has a feel all it's own. The pebbly patterned surface and more open "grain" is the unique signature of this leather, and the suppleness of our choice hides adds a slappiness that you just can't find with anything else.

Bison mops for extra thud!!!

For a lot of thuddiness, you may want to consider a Baby Bison mop or basher flogger. They have virtually no sting effect. The tail bundle is dense, stays together when it's thrown, and lands solidly. They're such lovely floggers, and at a higher cost than the average bison flogger, it's worth it to have a higher-plait handle created for them.

Shown to the left, is a 55-70 Tail example of them. The leather is thin and slappy with the same beautiful grain pattern and texture of regular bison, but waaay thuddier. This one features a 24 plait, bronze and black handle in the 4-square pattern.

It makes the best heavyweight "Basher " of any leather we know of, and can easily knock your bottom across the room, although it is eminently controllable for even smaller Tops!

Pure, dense thud that packs a punch. For play partners who prefer thud, or don't like sting, this is a good flogger to have in your collection. Definitely worth consideration

Black tails only. 66-70 tails, but the exact number of them depends on the thickness of the leather, which varies a tad from hide to hide. Baby Bison Bashers are priced from $245 on up.