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We are pleased to offer you the finest floggers in the world! No kidding! Take a look at ours and compare with others' web pictures and prices... Our floggers' braided handles are all made of Australian Kangaroo leather - five times stronger and longer-lasting than cowhide! Happy Tails floggers aren't just tresses tied onto a stick like some other floggers. We use modern techniques and special materials that you can rely on. Each HT flogger is individually made, weighted, and balanced (just behind the tress-end knot) by us. Tails on most floggers are available in 16" x 1/2" wide, 20"x 1/2", 20"x5/8", 23"x 1/2, and 27" x 3/4 wide. Each hide is specially, personally chosen by us. If you're ordering by email, rest assured we don't just take your order and leave the rest up to chance - we make sure you get the best flogger you've ever used - the handle, size, and weight that's perfect for YOU!

Our site contains a wide selection of high quality floggers made from many kinds of leathers, plus rubber, horsehair, fur, and violet wand floggers. Why buy and use cheaper, not-so-nice floggers when you can have really sweet, handsome ones that you can be proud to show off in the dungeon?

If you're unsure what kind of flogger will be best for you and you don't know what questions to ask that'll be helpful in making your choices we'll gladly assist you and discuss all the important aspects for you to consider, with our recommendations.

We don't use a shopping cart because we don't think it helps our cutomers have a satisfactory flogger purchase experience. The great variety of our products makes for many options and choices and we want you to get exactly what you're expecting, with no mistakes. We also create matched sets for those of you who do Florentine flogging

We do keep an in-stock flogger inventory for your immediate convenience. Please see the instock page for the current list of what's available. The link for that is on our home page.

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