Beautiful Horsehair Floggers

We are very well known for our work with horsehair.

Especially the blonde! In our opinion, the blonde is consistently the highest quality horsehair of all. And now blonde hair is custom colored in purple, royal blue, and red. We also have black horse hair.

A full 1/2 pound of hair makes for a powerful horsehair that does more than sting, it has a heck of a thump to it, as well! Also available with just a 1/4 pound of hair, for a less thumpy sensation, too.

But will it shed?

No it won't!

We have our own proprietary method of securing the bundle of hair BEFORE it is attached to the handle. It isn't dependent on the pineapple knot keeping it in place at all, nor is it glued into the handle like many other brands are done. We aren't going to reveal our secret method, but you can be sure, ever since our experience with that first little horsehair flogger we bought back in early 1997, any shedding at ALL is a BIG "No No" with us!

We DON'T want you to go through that with OUR horsehair floggers! And you never will!


Black horsehair is $145 for 1/4 pound of hair, and $170 for a full 1/2 pound of hair. Blonde, blue, red, or purple horsehair is $165 for 1/4 pound of hair and $185 for 1/2 pound of hair.

Plain Palomino

Pure saddle tan color in a chevron patterned handle, with chestnut knots. Half a pound of hair.

Royal Blue

Just royal blue and black in this one. Cheveron handle pattern. Half a pound of hair.

Chestnut Palomino

Chestnut and saddle tan handle in a wide-narrow zig zag handle. Half pound of hair.

Blues and Purples

Jacaranda, royal blue and purple random zig zag handle. Quarter pound of hair.