Featured Fancy Floggers

Higher plait handles in exciting patterns, mops and bashers.

Many people don't realize we make finely-braided and patterned handles in 16 to 24 plait. We also haven't really showcased our mop and basher floggers on other pages. So we want to take this opportunity to feature them here, so you can order one if you want. Whereas we usually only feature one color in a handle, a rather conservative look, in higher-plait handles several well-chosen colors can be combined to create an exciting, personal look for you.

This is a medium weight mop of 59 20-inch long tails of premium elk. Chocolate and brandy handle done in 24 plait Bird's Eye pattern. This pattern can be done in 1, 2, or 3 colors.

We put beautiful, large 3-pass pineapple knots on the tail bundle, the color choices and combinations are almost endless, and it's all kangaroo leather.

This is a 24-plait ring braid patterned handle. Forest green and black, this pattern can only be done in 1 or 2 colors.

This is the Four Square pattern done in 24 plait. Yellow and black, this pattern can be done in 2 or 3 colors.

Please inquire for pricing for our fancy gloggers: mops, bashers, and intricate 16 and 24 plait handles. On many of our product pages other intricate handles and larger tail bundles are also shown. If you see one you like we can certainly put that handle pattern on any flogger you want. For extra tails on any type of flogger for which that page doesn't show that option, please inquire and we'll see if we can do that for you. Not all types of hides work well for larger tail bundles.

This handle is done in 24 plait, bronze and black, in the Four Square pattern.

A 24-plait herringbone pattern in whisky and black with a slightly heavier bundle of elk tails.