Our Beautiful Elk Floggers...

Everyone's favorite kind of flogger

Elk is a wonderful leather for floggers. It's the most popular leather, too. Most people just have to have one in their toybag! It's a favorite of bottoms and submissives who like thuddy sensation without sting - more people like thud than sting, and elk suits that preference well.

Nothing is closer to nirvana than a Happy Tails elk flogger or mop! We specialize in Elk! We choose only the best elk hides for our floggers for top quality tails! All our thick, supple, and fine-grained black hides are hand-chosen and make the most scrumptious floggers known to mankind! A customer and personal favorite!

Fat Elk "Mops"

We can make you a mop or basher elk flogger with up to 70 tails. The more tails you add onto the bundle the thuddier it gets. Most perple call a flogger with shorter tails a "mop" and one with longer tails a " basher". A chocolate elk flogger with a 24 plait handle is shown, but black is just as attractive, combined with a handle pattern and colors of your choice. Mops can be done with our smaller handles to accommodate small hands, too! You don't have to have big paws to wield a Fat Mop!

The details

The most often used flogger.

Elk is a wonderful hide for flogger tails! The elk hides smell sooo good, and have a glovey, squishy texture in your hand, which caresses skin and makes your partner swoon with pleasure!