We've been well known for many years for our white doe floggers with patinead brass handle and gold knots.

  • Perfect gifts for weddings
  • Collaring ceremonies
  • For your special someone on Valentine's Day

Deer Prices

Deer is fabulously sensual and sexy, but unfortunately is a costly leather. We try to keep our prices as reasonable as possible.

  • White doe with brass handle: $180
  • Deer: $160 for 16" tails, our most basic one. $185 for regular size tail bundle with 20”.
  • For colored tails mixed with the black, please add $5 extra per color.
  • Please inquire for deer mop pricing; it will depend on how large the tail bundle is.

Deers and Doeskin floggers

Are pretty special.

White Doe... Beautiful, luxurious doeskin caresses with every stroke of the 36-42 tails. Tail length shown is 20 inches, 1/2 inch wide. Gold pineapple knots and a patinaed brass handle. Please inquire for price.

We also offer multi-hued deer floggers for a beautiful effect while being thrown!

Turquoise, Royal Blue, Red, Purple!

Any combination with black tails is truly striking.

Deer is a light weight leather perfect for warm ups, cool downs, sensitive bottoms, and beginners. Deer gently caresses tender areas, too! Handy deer floggers can range from large heavies, to shorter mops and regular weight floggers.