There are many types of cowhide that can give different sensations.

Hides with stiffer edges produce more sting than ones with soft edges. Sting is produced by the edges of hides, not how the tails are cut.

  • Special cow (garment weight)
  • Medium lightweight.
  • Has a smooth, semi-glossy surface.
  • Makes a nice heavier flogger as a mop.

36 tails as shown above, your choice of length; moppier floggers are also available in suede, but not as heavy as our elk mops.

Cowhide starts at $145, up to $180 or more for 20 inch tails, but that depends on the size of the tail bundle.

Suede (Cow)

Suede is a common leather used for floggers. It comes in two weights, medium and heavy. They're priced from $155.

  • Suede comes in many colors, although we don't stock them all. Please inquire about those we do have!
  • Our suede hides are nicely buffed and smooth on both sides.
  • Suede has more sting.
  • Suede makes a nice, loud slap sound when it lands.

Cowhide and Suede floggers

Different weights, different sensations.

Special Cow is a medium garment-weight hide with a beautiful luster to it's surface. It makes a flogger that is luscious, and good for general-purpose use. We call it Special Cow because these are premium hides, specially tanned and like no one else's! You can see in the photo to the left how beautiful this leather is, fine-grained and supple, with a wonderful, deep leather scent!

This is a good all-around flogger. It is slappy, lightly thuddy, and great to use throughout a whole scene! Perfect for beginners and inexperienced tops. Makes a loud smacking noise so you can scare a blindfolded bottom. (Or a newbie DM!)

If you can only have a couple of floggers, you'll want one of these in your toy bag.

Naturally, the heavier cowhide is more thuddy.

It's a denser leather. But it also produces more sting than the Special cow. Heavier hides are stiffer, with a firmer temper, and have sharper edges for the sting sensation, but we have some which are softer, with a nice drape and hand. The heavier cow has more thud to it than lighter cow, of course. The less-stiff edges of the softer hides give it just a touch of bite. The all-around qualities of cow offers a wide range of possibilities for it's use in your scene, depending on how it's thrown.

It's rather hard to list every single type of cowhide we can make floggers from, there are a good number of different kinds. If you let us know what sensations you want from a cowhide flogger, or any certain characteristics you are seeking in the hide itself, we can see what we either have on hand, or that we can get for your order. We have samples of different kinds that we can refer to, to find the perfect one for your needs.

Delivering a great combination of sensations, suede is suitable for any player. We sort through lots of hides to find only the the nicest. Available in many colors, burgundy, forest green, royal blue, navy, gray and black, just to mention a few of the most popular. We don't stock them all, so please inquire about what is available.