Kangaroo Stingers

The ultimate in pure, intense sting sensation

Kangaroo leather can be tanned and finished in different ways, creating different sensations. The tresses of this flogger are made from the same leather we braid the handles and knots from. This type of kangaroo leather has an edge to it, and isn't stretchy or slappy. It isn't soft to fondle like elk is. Each little strand has been individually trimmed into a slant-y point at it's end, no detail overlooked in the making.

The narrow kangaroo leather tresses make this unique flogger 100% pure, intense sting with almost no effort. The 70 strands are about 1/8-inch wide, about 22 inches long, and have an edge that really bites, so skin gets warm and pinks up quick. This flogger is 100% sting sensation! Easily controllable, handles with ease, light in weight, but not a lightweight in sensation..

Small handle size only. Your choice of color/s and handle pattern. Stingers shown on this page have 50% color and 50% black tails. Priced at $190.