Latigo Floggers

Latigo is really intense!

Latigo is the most severe leather. It has a very hard edge, and leaves bruises and marks easily. This is our most severe flogger and not for beginners. Heavy bottoms can go far out into sub-space with this one, with little effort on the Top's part. We put a lot of hand work into each one of these to make them really special.

The red one, left, is an example of our 1/4" wide tails done in hard, oiled latigo, approximately 36 tails 20" long, with angled tips. This one is available in red or black tails, only.

The blue one is an example of our 1/2" wide 20" long tails done in a softer latigo, approximately 21 tails, available in red or royal blue combined with black, or solid black tails.

Priced at $180-210.