Perfect for when you need an intense, strong sensation in your scene!

We choose only the nicest, finely-grained hides, with lots of suppleness to them.

What Do They Cost?

Prices start at $155 for shorter 16 inch tails and the average price for regular 20 inch tails is $180. It really depends on how many tails you want in the bundle.

  • Big thud with sting.
  • Both thin and thick bullhide is available.
  • Dense, with stiffer edges than other hides.
  • Use it towards the end of your scene.

We Have Bullhide! Both Thick And Thin!

Bullhide is a thuddy leather!!!

Light and heavy bullhide floggers are available. We use 10 oz (thick) and 5 oz (thinner) hides, depending on the sensation you want. Thicker has more thud, thinner has a sharper edge for more sting with a lighter thud. Generally available only in black tails, we do sometimes have chocolate, red and other colors of bullhide available; please inquire.

This nice red and black random zig zag handled bullhide flogger is made from our thinner, lighter weight bullhide. It is quite stingy, yet thuddy as well. The tail bundle is quite generous!