Flails - Latigo, Bullhide, and Buffalo....

A pretty intense flooger

Our flails differ from floggers in the width of the tails. Fewer tails, but wider, and a tad longer. Still very controllable when thrown, flails can evoke a number of sensations, but all are on the intense side. Sting comes from the edge of the leather, so latigo is very severe, bullhide next lower in severity, and buffalo is the most forgiving. The wider tails increase sensation.

Use with caution!

Latigo is severe, so please use with caution if you choose this type of leather! The hard edge of this leather gives this flogger a very severe sensation. You can leave bruises with this one! Bison and bullhide are less so, but it's still a major impact.

Available in latigo, bison or bullhide. Black only.

$195 15-16 tails (exact number depends on hide thickness) 1 inch wide, 21 inches long.