Cat o Nines.... We Have Three Kinds!

Our Beautiful Round Braided Kangaroo Cats:

Kangaroo is the Cadillac of leathers, and braided into tails it's even better! Easily controlled, this cat o nine has a wide range in handle, from feather light to harsh enough to take down the heaviest bottom. From top to bottom it's 100% kangaroo!

Lightweight Round-braided Cats:

Little Cow and Little Goat

We make our round-braided cat o nines from 3 oz black cowhide or black goatskin. They are approx 20-22 inches long, so any top can use them with excellent control. Soft to medium-hard sensations, depending on the force you use, it can be used throughout an entire scene. These cats aren't too harsh or too intense, which is great if you want a cat for a submissive or bottom who isn't into the really harder play. It is versatile, and not real heavy on your hand - it won't tire you out with excess weight if you do power blows.

The sensation also varies with how far you stand from your "victim". Step in closer and hit with more than just the leaf tips for a stronger sensation, step further back and hit with just the tips for a softer feel.

Flat Braided Cat O Nine Tails Floggers

Bullhide and Buffalo Flat Cats

Are super slappy, supple, nasty, mean and sadistic! These cats are a lot of fun to hurt someone with! Large-diameter handle only. If your play partner likes really intense play, is a "bottomless bottom" and you need a lot of power to get them into sub-space or bottoms-space, then this is the cat you want in your arsenal.

Kangaroo cat $260, Flat cat $195, cow or goat cats $210

No matter which cat you choose, we think you'll like it. The three kinds vary widely in sensation, so get more than one kind and you'll have a choice of which one to grab when you need one.