Two colors, built strong

Basic Black or burgundy British 6 oz. saddle leather cuffs, with grommetted straps and nickel hardware. One size each, fits most folks; if in doubt, send us your wrist or ankle measurements and we can tell you if they will fit or not.

Real wool shearling.


Soft, thick real wool shearling padding inside. Never scratchy or itchy! The straps have numerous holes, which won't stretch or deform from use. these are fully adjustable, and usually fit smaller wrists.

Wrist, ankle or both

$60/pair or set of four (wrist and ankle) for $120. Black or white shearling, your choice. Specify wrist or ankle pair, or both if you want a full set, when ordering.

Reindeer Cuffs

Reindeer fur-lined cuffs! Wow! This is the softest, thickest, cushiest fur you can imagine! Not scratchy and itchy like wool can sometimes be, the thick downy undercoat of the reindeer dominates the pelt and is great padding for delicate wrists and ankles of all wriggly submissives and bottoms!

Reindeer Prices

$100 for one pair, or $175 for four (wrist and ankle). Although they are shown in pale tan latigo, we now make them in burgundy English

Ball Gags

We make ball gags with lovely pinneapple knots on them in kangaroo lace. Your choice of colors in the knots. A strong but soft cowhide leather strap with nickle hardware, plenty of holes to adjust the tightness. $50.